Our Team

Kim Rhodes

Our Founders

Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge Co-founders Kim and Brynne Rhodes are the mother-daughter duo who want to #BeThe End of breast cancer and dream of inspiring pink lemonade stands nationwide and across the globe to fund research that will lead to prevention and a cure.  The campaign goals include breast cancer education and raising awareness about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - the #1 rated breast cancer charity and the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world.  Brynne launched the campaign at age 7 and is now a middle-school student, she plays several sports, is devoted to her studies and is a member of a national service organization in addition to her work for the campaign.  Her dad and 3 older brothers work by her side to help and support the campaign in every way.  Kim is a breast cancer survivor, former corporate executive, attorney, fitness instructor and mom of 4. 

Jenn Gilbert Photo.jpg

Jenn Gilbert

Chief Campaign Officer, Board Member & Intern Mentor

Jenn is a prolific speaker, dedicated educator and mother of 2 energetic boys.  Jenn's mother Debbie, a breast cancer survivor, inspired Jenn to lead the PLSC campaign.  As Brynne's teacher in 3rd grade, Jenn's project: https://thegivingprojectforchildren.org motivated Brynne to launch a nationwide campaign to #BeTheEnd of breast cancer.


Heidi Donohue

Chief Campaign Marketing Officer, Board Member & Intern Mentor

Heidi and her daughter Kate are founding members of the PLSC team and her 2 sons have proudly stood with them!  Heidi's creative super powers have fueled the national growth of the campaign.  Starting with the mantra "10 stands in 10 states" and leading to features on the TODAY show and at Macy's in Herald Square, Heidi's ideas are magic!  A graduate of Penn State University, Heidi's dedication to the cause is in memory of her mother Nancy who was a breast cancer thriver. 


Jenn Valenti

Board Member & Intern Mentor

Jenn is the mother of 2, a breast cancer survivor,  a philanthropist and an educator.  In 2020, despite a global pandemic, Jenn and her daughter launched the first and only masked, drive-thru pink lemonade stand in the US.  Jenn generously contributes her time to many charitable causes including the PLSC which inspired her to get directly involved in expanding the campaign.


Margery Geers

Board Member & Intern Mentor

Margery is the mother of 2 and has extensive experience as senior executive and human resources leader for global corporations.  She earned a degree in logistics from Penn State University and has led team in several industries.  Her grandmother and several close friends have faced breast cancer and their courage has ignited Margery's passion to fund breast cancer research. 


Heidi Rose

Strategic Advisor & Intern Mentor

Heidi is a marketing and advertising executive who has strategically guided successful businesses through explosive growth periods and the mother of 3.  Heidi is a graduate of Washington State University and now lives in northern California.  Dedicated to charitable work and energized by the PLSC, Heidi plans to help PLSC interns to expand in the US and internationally.


Bill Rhodes

Strategic Advisor & Intern Mentor 

Bill is a retired insurance and banking business executive and dad of 4 . He is a graduate of the Wharton School of the university of Pennsylvania where he played on the Ivy Championship Penn football team. Bill was inspired by Kim and Brynne to join the PLSC team. His efforts are in memory of  his mother Pat who bravely faced breast cancer.


Charlotte Thomas

Strategic Advisor & Intern Mentor

Charlotte is a brilliant attorney who has led trial teams, while being the mother of 3. Charlotte's daughter Moira was a college intern for PLSC in 2019 and inspired Charlotte to get involved. She graduated from Union College and Vermont Law School. Charlotte faced breast cancer herself as did several close family members. Welcoming her first grandchild this year, Charlotte wants to #BeTheEnd for her daughter and future generations!