The Pink Lemonade Stand challenge is a campaign to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), learn more at

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Our national movement engages families, communities and corporations in the fight to find a way to prevent and cure breast cancer. Our team is on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to #MakeAStand and leverage our collective strength by turning lemonade stands pink and raising funds to BE THE END of breast cancer. Our campaign has grown, but we know we could do more by tapping into the creative minds and passionate hearts of college students. Although the current pandemic may postpone pink lemonade stands in summer 2020, WE WILL USE THIS PAUSE TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE! We are looking for a few talented and committed super star interns to help us grow from stands in 25+ states in 2019 to stands in all 50 in 2021! We are developing a strategy and plan for October 2020, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2021 and beyond!

Interested in gaining real world experience in technology, marketing, logistics, public relations? Want to be part of a life saving cause fueled by a start-up environment? Are you passionate about making a difference in the world? Put your creative and innovative talents and high energy to good use! We have a great summer internship/volunteer position for you!


Drive our social media strategy and execution. Develop content, manage social media accounts and outlets, and promote our campaign to community participants and influencers. Generate excitement, involvement and awareness about PLSC events. Apply for grants.

Enhance, update and pimp our website. Improve our website content, development and management. Upgrade the design, usability and interactivity of the site. Write, produce and post digital content.

Liaise with news teams, media outlets, radio stations and print/digital media nationwide. Coordinate with the BCRF and PLSC families. Ensure that we capture the great news stories about our supporters and their pink lemonade stands. Be our public relations engine. Write articles, take and curate pictures about the PLSC campaign and BCRF to spread the word regarding the dedication of our volunteers and their lifesaving efforts.

Identify venues and events nationwide where our supporters can #MakeAStand. Cultivate local and national business/corporate sponsors. Build relationships and partnerships in the community and nationally to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Partner with national organizations, local schools, parents, teachers, kids, businesses, clubs, etc to make it fun, valuable and effortless to host a pink lemonade stand. Encourage creativity, build excitement and inspire people to be a part of the movement.

Continue to develop the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge College Ambassador Program. Refine and grow a cool, turnkey college ambassador program where we can tap into the heart, energy and minds of college students across the country to create a pink wave of PLSC students fighting to put an end to breast cancer.


SOCIAL - you are social media savvy and engaged. You are never without your phone, snapping, chatting, tweeting, etc. You know the influencers, trends and are the “go to tech resource” for your friends and family.

PASSIONATE - you wake up wanting to make the world a better place. You want to be a part of something important that changes lives. You may know someone who has been touched by breast cancer and you are fiercely determined to help tackle this disease by supporting BCRF’s work.

SELF-MOTIVATED AND ORGANIZED - you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. You see opportunities and seize them. You are a can-do problem solver who rolls up your sleeves and dives in to make things better. You can map out a plan and make things happen.

GREAT COMMUNICATOR - you captivate an audience by the way you tell a story in a compelling way - verbally, visually and in writing.

CREATIVE AND RESILIENT - you have big, bold ideas and don’t let obstacles stand in the way of executing on them.

TEAM PLAYER - you are a contributor who plays well with others and can do so virtually. You like being part of team with an aligned passion to have fun and accomplish a lot together.

TECHNOLOGY SAVVY - you embrace new technology and are well versed in HTML, Microsoft office, social media, web design, graphics, google analytics, spreadsheets, digital communication


Gain real-world experience that sets you apart from others with a PLSC mentor’s guidance

Build valuable relationships, reference sources, new connections and friends

Do meaningful and purpose driven work that can save lives


May be eligible for college credit, it is up to you to research this with your school. The PLSC will help with forms, letters or other formalities.

Ready to get started? If you are a sophomore, junior or senior and can work at least 10 hrs/week July and August and 5 hrs/ week Sept and October, please send your resume and an email/cover letter describing your interest to AND


We can’t wait to meet you!

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