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Our Founders

Kim and Brynne Rhodes

Our Founders

Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge Co-founders Kim and Brynne Rhodes are the mother-daughter duo who want to #BeThe End of breast cancer and dream of inspiring pink lemonade stands nationwide and across the globe to fund research that will lead to prevention and a cure.  The campaign goals also include breast cancer education and raising awareness about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - the #1 rated breast cancer charity and the largest private funded of breast cancer research in the world.  Brynne launched the campaign at age 7 and is now a middle-school student, she plays several sports, is devoted to her studies and is a member of a national service organization in addition to her work for the campaign.  Her dad and 3 older brothers work by her side to help and support the campaign in every way.  Kim is a breast cancer survivor, former corporate executive, attorney, fitness instructor and mom of four. 

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