Make your own Pink Lemonade Stand to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! 


    In February 2015, Kim was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Carcinoma.  As a mother of four the news was devastating.  She underwent a double mastectomy followed by several reconstructive surgeries.  Today Kim is being treated using therapies discovered with the help of the BCRF.  Kim's mother, sister and grandmother each fought breast cancer too.  Kim is determined to stop breast cancer before the next generation has to face this diagnosis!

Our Story:

    In the summer of 2016, the Rhodes family was enjoying a summer vacation by the beach in New Jersey. The youngest member of the family, Brynne, then 7 years old, asked to open a lemonade stand.  In honor of her mother, Kim, then in treatment for breast cancer, Brynne decided to make it a PINK lemonade stand and donate the money to BCRF.  Kim pledged to match every dollar Brynne raised from her stand.  Shortly after the lemonade stand opened for business, Brynne's parents could not run pitchers of the cool drink to her stand fast enough.  People were making donations well above the price of lemonade!  In 2017 Brynne recruited her friend Maddie to take the challenge, and together they raised over $1000.  Brynne thought it would be GREAT if everyone who opened a lemonade stand TURNED IT PINK and donated the proceeds to BCRF!  We hope to inspire kids and families nationwide to TAKE THE CHALLENGE - TOGETHER WE CAN BE THE END OF BREAST CANCER!

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    You will feel great about making a contribution to a worthy cause while at the same time helping your kids learn about business, money, and math.  Through a lemonade stand or a donation of any amount, help BCRF fund research to prevent and cure breast cancer. Making your donation via this website is fast, easy, and secure. You can be sure your money is making a difference because 91 cents of each dollar spent by BCRF goes directly to research and awareness programs. Help us spread the word about this campaign by sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your social media of choice. Send an e-mail to any friends whom you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to this page!

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How to #MakeAStand:

Want to take the challenge? Here’s how:

1) Organize your own stand in your community and pledge to donate the money you raise to BCRF. 

2) Download our logo and other graphics and use them to create your Pink Lemonade Stand Poster. Download our flyers to distribute at your stand to challenge others to make their own stand.

3) Find a safe and busy place in your neighborhood to open your stand, such as a park, festival, farmer's market, shopping center or sporting event. GIVE AWAY the lemonade FOR FREE, and accept donations to BCRF.

TIP: bring sidewalk chalk and invite donors to honor people they love who have faced breast cancer by writing their names on the sidewalk in front of your stand

4) Make sure to take plenty of photos and videos of your Pink Lemonade Stand! Tag @pinklemonadestandchallenge in your posts for a feature on our page. Send a video challenge to friends, family, or celebrites!

5) Count the money you raised and make a donation to BCRF. Use your credit card to make a donation in an amount equal to the amount raised at the Pink Lemonade Stand.

6) Stand with us - together, we will be the end of breast cancer! Interested in creating your own fundraising page for your Pink Lemonade Stand?

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Together we will #BeTheEnd of breast cancer!

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~ Kim & Brynne Rhodes




College Ambassador Program:

Help us spill the PINK LEMONADE STAND CHALLENGE spirit into your university. It's not hard, it's FUN! 

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What do our PLSC College Ambassadors do?

See, you CAN do this!!

Join a team of amazing students across the nation who want to #BeTheEnd of Breast Cancer.

No matter the colors of your school... with you onboard, we can #TURNITPINK!!!